Who We Are

The Black Freedom Project (BFP) was established in late 2019 by a coalition of Black-led (and centered) organizations and advocates, growing out of intersecting struggles to End the War on Black People and further build a Black Liberation Movement. BFP will build the infrastructure needed for Black-led and Black-centered, base-building organizations across New York State.

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Resource Black-led and centered groups and organizers to increase the power of Black communities in pursuit of launching and winning campaigns.


Build collaborative relations with Black-led and centered groups state-wide to support long-term and sustained material changes for Black communities.


Create an action and policy agenda that wins structural change and supports groups in actualizing that shared agenda


Engage in thoughtful and meaningful electoral strategy.


Identify and deepen pockets of Black power throughout the state *especially Albany*. We identify this as the ability to promote, protect and defend our interests.

BFP’s Campaigns

NYS Breathe Act

BFP has adopted a state-level platform and legislative campaign inspired by M4BL’s Federal Breathe Act.


Black organizations across NYS are pushing for a divestment from policing and investment in our Black communities.

The Black Salon Series & Political Education

The Black Salon Series was intended to facilitate a process of establishing BFP’s political alignment and shared framework, guide the development of our NYS Breathe Act Platform, and inform our political education curriculum. 

Black Community Survey Project

Intended to gather input from Black New Yorkers to understand what we need to feel safe and protected, how we understand community safety, and our experiences and attitudes towards the police.